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Below is the instructions on how to use your EZ-Flash IV. The only difference between this one and your booklet are the pictures.

Thank you for your purchase from Retro gamer and Backups!

Below you will find easy to use instructions for your new EZ-Flash IV.


All software needed is already on your micro SD card.

Follow these Instructions

1) Remove your Micro SD card from the case along with the Micro SD card reader.

2) Install the Micro Sd card into the card reader and place it in one of your usb ports.

3) After your computer finds the sd card and files, go to the root of the SD card to locate the following folders.

EZ4 Client and SD card format tool.

4) Right click the filed called EZ4 client , and click COPY!

5)Go to your desktop and again right click, this time click on the PASTE option.

6) Go back to your micro SD card and do the same steps for the folder SD card format tool.

7) Now on your desktop go into the folder named EZ4 Client.

8) Right click on the application EZ4 Client and click the Create shortcut option.

it is the file with .exe at the end of it.

9) After the shortcut is created just right click it and use the cut option.

10) Go back to your desktop and right click and hit the paste option. This will be the tool used to put your roms

onto the micro SD card later in the instructions.

11) On your desktop again right click and this time use  the New then Folder option. After you click folder a brand

new folder will appear on your desktop and name it My GBA games. The MY GBA roms folder will be the place you put all

the roms from the games you own! Retro Gamer and Backups does not support the pirating of games so we

will not tell you how to get any roms for any games you do not own.

12) Now that you have both folders copied to your desktop go back into the micro SD card and delete the folders

EZ4 Client and SD card format tool. DO not delete ezfla_up.

13) Remove the micro SD card from the reader and put it into the Mini SD to Micro SD card adaptor!

14) Place the Mini SD card with the Micro SD card into the EZ-Flash IV cartridge. Be careful on taken the cartridge out

of the case. SEE BELOW


15) PLEASE READ. Turn on your Hand Held and HOLD DOWN your (R) button! This will update your handheld

with the software to run the EZ-Flash IV. After it reaches 100% the main screen will come up with options we will

explain later.

16) Turn off your handheld and remove the EZ-Flash IV

17) Remove the Mini SD card and also remove the micro SD card from the adaptor and but it back into

your micro SD card reader to your computer.

18) At this point you will need roms to place on your Micro SD card. Just google and I am sure you will find

roms for YOUR games. Make sure to put them in the MY GBA roms folder.

19) Go to your desktop and double click on your EZ4_Client short cut you made. The program may ask

you what language you want to use, just pick one you can read and move along..

20) On the main screen for the EZ4 Client click on the Config button. The first option is SEND PATH, just make

sure that is the drive your micro SD card/reader has been given. You can use the bubble to the right to find it

if not shown already.

20) The next option on Config is the Language select, you can change the language you want from here. You can also

change the skin but I suggest just leave it alone.

21) On the same pop up click the reset button and this is where you can select the buttons needed to reset the

handheld back to its main screen at any time, I suggest you use A, B, L and UP then hit OK. Also hit OK to get out

of the Config screen and back to the main screen.

22) Now you are ready to put games on your Micro SD card. Click on the OPEN button on the bottom left. and

find your MY GBA rom folder. After your games are listed click on the file (make sure it ends in .gba) and click


23) The game will show up and the main page NOTE Make sure the ROM name is short as possible. IF it is to

long the EZ-Flash will not notice it. Just right click it in the MY GBA roms folder and rename it less than 40 letters.

24) Now that the name of your game is the way you want it we make sure that the RESET and SAVE PATCH boxes

are checked under the attributes section.

25)  Now we can put the game onto the Micro SD card. Just hit the SEND button and the the client will put the

game onto the Micro SD card.

NOTE, You can have as many games on the Micro SD  as you can fit on it. I suggest you only add one game at

a time and test after you add each game.

26) Remove the Micro SD card from the reader and place it back into the ADAPTOR and place it back into your GBA

27) Now start your GBA and it will boot up to the  MAIN MENU. The first option is the File Manager. This

is how you get to your games. The second option is the Text Saver, If you want to read a book on your GBA

you could save your location here. This option is outdated and will not be talked about in this booklet.

The third option is the SETTINGS, you can change your language and save options. I suggest you just leave

it alone, The last option is the HELP, it is not very help full. That is the reason I made these instructions.

NOTE, In the main menu the A button confirms and the B button cancels an action.

28) Go to your FILE MANAGER and hit your A button. You will see a folder called EZ-Disk, Again hit A and you

will see your game file

PLEASE READ, At this point you have two options. You can select your game and hit the A button to load it

for play or load it into NOR Memory. Here is what I suggest. IF you are just playing an action game like

Contra just load the game then play. If you are playing a game that uses saves like Zelda or Pokemon place it

in the NOR Memory. This way the game runs better and less likely to corrupt your save file. I have never

noticed a problem just loading action games for SD

How to use your NOR Memory

*You have a total of 257 MB of NOR Memory this will allow you to put a few games in there for play.

* To add a game to NOR Memory highlight the game and press the SELECT button. Press the A button to

copy the game to NOR or B to cancel out. After you load them to NOR the game will show up at the same

place as your EZ-Disk folder. (The first screen in the File Manager option)

* If you want to DELETE a game from NOR Memory, just.go to the game in the same screen as your EZ-Disk

folder and hit the SELECT button. If you want to delete.your game in NOR just the A button or B to cancel.

29) Now you know how to load and play your GBA games on the EZ-Flash IV.

The SD card format tool.

The SD card you bought has already been formatted so the is nothing for you to do with it. But if you bought

another card and need to format it this tool will do it for you. Just go to your SD card format tool folder and

start the Setup.exe. After the program is installed just place the Micro SD card into your reader and

place it into your computer.

NOTE, Ensure your SD card is formatted for FAT or FAT16. If the card is one of these formats,

then back up your data and format the card again and copy the files back