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Bare Unlocker NO 2 meg or 4 meg expansion

This item is out of stock

This is a bare bones Unlocker! The 2 and 4 meg expansion does not work due to Action replay alone. There are a handful of games that need the expansion to play so this cart is not for you if you want those games. Buy the full Unlocker that is tested for the expansion. 

The cart will not come in a box or with the custom sticker, this is a bare bones deal!

There is nothing else wrong with the cartridge. 

1) Play Backup games on your Sega Saturn.

  • 2) DOES NOT WORK ON THIS UNIT!!!!!! Auto switch 1M and 4M Expansion RAM card built-in (for Capcom Fighting games, Metal Slug and others)
  • 3)Allows playback of import games  
  • 4)Compatible with all Saturn versions
  • You will LOOSE the cheat functions of the cart