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  • Beyond Shadowgate


    This is a BACKUP DISK for the game Beyond Shadowgate  on the turbo Grafx CD. This disk can be played on any  hardware for the Turbo Grafx CD system. The disk will say what it is printed on so selling them as an original will not be possible. The game will come with the case and cover shown.

    Beyond Shadowgate is a TurboGrafx CD sequel to the 1987 Mac and MacVenture Shadowgate. Unlike its predecessor, Beyond Shadowgate is a classical point-and-click adventure viewed from a platform perspective. The player controls Prince Erik, the descendant of the hero from the first game, Lord Jair. When Prince Erik returns to his home country, he finds out about his father's murder. The Prince is framed by the minister of the late king, who imprisons him where the adventure starts.