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  • Blast Winds


    The game disk and cover have been printed and assembled by me. Choose between Jewel Case and DVD case for the same price. Only mark up will be if it has a manual option. Comes with Case, Cover Art and Disk. To play the game you will need a modded Saturn or a Cartridge that allows you to play backups. If you have any question please ask!

    Blast Wind  is a shoot-'em-up game released exclusively in Japan for the Sega Saturn in 1997.


    A nuclear shockwave has all but destroyed the entire population of Earth. The remaining humans on the planet were gathered aboard a ship called the Ark by a prophetic man named Noa. After the radiation dissipated, humankind emerged from the Ark and began building thriving civilizations.

    However, the fledgling civilization came under attack by a culture called Gorn. Gorn was a culture consisting of the embodiment of machines and artificiality. During the nuclear winter, Gorn was sealed beneath the Earth's crust and emerged when the remaining humans came out of the Ark. Humanity must fight back against Gorn, using ancient weapons unearthed by the new civilization and two "Ultimate Destroyers" known as Kyō and Forn.