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  • Bomberman 64 Second Attack

    $49.95 $44.95

    All games are custom made with all new boards, chips and labels . These are not imports from China. With todays technology they are made even stronger than the originals.

    In many aspects, the game plays identical to Bomberman 64 with features such as the ability to make bombs bigger. As opposed to the circular explosions of the first Nintendo 64 title, the explosions in The Second Attack are the traditional cross "+" shape, and is the explosion style for almost all the attribute bombs.
    In addition to these, Second Attack brought many new features to the game as well, such as:
    The ability to use the different element crystals with bombs to create certain elemental explosions
    A space shop to buy more heart containers, multiplayer stages to fight on, and the move list of the next elemental astral knight to be fought
    Hidden armor pieces that will allow Bomberman to kick bombs without needing the bomb kick item, the ability to throw and pumped bombs without the throw item, and the ability to use remote bombs without need of the remote bomb item
    Raise Pommy, a fighting partner, by giving him different types of foods. Pommy can also be played by a second human player with a second controller.