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  • Dynamite Headdy (Japan Translated/Patched)

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    Dynamite Headdy  is a platformer video game developed by Treasure. This is the Japanese version that is translated to English. The port to the US version change many things in the game. The Japanese version is thought to be superior to the US release.

    Dynamite Headdy (ダイナマイトヘッディー Dainamaito Heddī?) is a 1994 platform game developed by Treasure and published by Sega. It was originally released for the Sega Genesis, Sega Game Gear, and Sega Master System. The main character, Headdy, can throw his head at enemies to defeat them along with utilizing it to pull himself to various areas and move objects. The game received positive reception for both its graphics and gameplay, and has been called one of the best platform and action games on the Genesis.
    Dynamite Headdy is a platform game in which the player controls Headdy, a puppet with a detachable head. This head can be fired in eight directions to attack enemies and obstacles, as well as retrieve out of reach items. By grabbing a HangMan, Headdy is able to pull himself up various platforms, or drag certain areas towards him. By finding a walking case named HeadCase, Headdy can gain a special head type depending on the image shown on HeadCase at the time he hits it. These range from offensive heads that increase his strength, allows him to shoot homing stars or suck up everything on screen, to support heads which include invulnerability, shrinking to reach small areas and sleeping to regain health. Most of these heads have a time limit before the head returns to normal, with the player able to cancel at anytime, though some heads, such as the Pin Head, disable manual cancellation. The game also features a side-scrolling shooter stage, during which Headdy can change between three unique Head Types.

    The game plays over a series of scenes, each made up of several acts, typically culminating in a battle against a Keymaster boss. Collecting enough pieces which come out of defeated Keymasters earns the player a continue. During each scene, there are several 'secret bonus points' that can be earned by completing certain tasks, such as destroying certain enemies or objects. By finding the Liberty Head, players can enter a Bonus Stage in which the player must shoot basketballs into the correct hoops. Clearing these stages reveal part of a code which, at the end of the game, can be entered to access a bonus extra stage.

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