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EZ-FLASH IV (Bare catridge)


The EZ-Flash IV comes with Mini to Micro adapter.  (NO roms are included. Retro Gamer and Backups does not support pirating of games needed to backup any games you own) The micro SD card and mini adapter will be in the cartridge when shipped! 

EZ-FLASH 4 EZCart (GBA Size) features:
256Mb PSRAM (32 Mbytes)
384Mb NorFLASH (48Mbytes)
32Mb Loader (4 Mbytes)
8Mb saver SRAM (1Mbyte)
Supports 512Mb - 8GB

 Simple cart for all your NDS and GBA needs.
Works with miniSD. Supports both NDS (passcard required) and GBA ROMs. Works with slot1 flashcards and provide great GBA games support.
1 x EZ4 EZCart

1 x Case with cover

1 x 2GB Micro SD card

1 x Mini to Micro SD adaptor

1 x Micro SD card reader

1 x Easy to use instruction book