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  • Final Fight Guy


    Guy (ガイ Gai?) is a video game character who first appeared in the 1989 arcade beat-em-up Final Fight by Capcom. Guy, along with other Final Fight series characters, has also been a recurring player character in the Street Fighter fighting game series since Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams in 1995. Guy is a crimson-clad ninpō master of Japanese descent who has been taught the Bushin (武神 Warrior God?) form of ninjutsu. The kanji, 武神, written on Guy's top literally translates to "God of War".

    In the original Final Fight he aides his friend Cody as well as Metro City Mayor Mike Haggar in rescuing Jessica, who is Haggar's daughter and Cody's girlfriend. Guy was excluded from the SNES version of the game, but a special version replacing Cody with Guy was also released. While he is not a playable character in the sequel Final Fight 2, Guy factors into the storyline as his girlfriend and her father are captured. Guy returned to the Final Fight series as selectable character in Final Fight 3. He also appears in Final Fight: Streetwise, but is not playable in the game's story mode. His sister-in-law is Maki Genryusai, who was introduced as one of the protagonists of Final Fight 2.

    Guy's fighting style can be described as a fusion of traditional ninjutsu with modern street brawling, and is also the only Final Fight character in the Street Fighter Alpha series not to use a weapon (though he can throw a close-ranged burst of ki and shuriken in Final Fight 3 and Final Fight Revenge respectively). In Final Fight 3 and Namco X Capcom, Guy had in his repertoire a "fireball" style attack, although it dissipates a short distance from his palm. According to Street Fighter IV developer Taisaku Okada,[6] Guy is a character that does not use "ki" and thus has no use for fireballs or projectiles. In Namco × Capcom Guy participates in the Multiple Assault attacks that involve all of the Commando Team.

    In Street Fighter Alpha 2, Guy was one of the few characters who could perform chain combos after they were removed. According to Expert Gamer, the player using Guy in Alpha 3 should play defensively, as Guy takes a lot of damage when he is hit, and to rely on Guy's speed and varied attacks. In a guide to Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, GameSpy stated that "Guy is a frantic fighter. As he is without a fireball and effective zoning tools, he requires very aggressive, close-up fighting where he can land quick combos to chew into the opponent's health. This constantly forward-moving action makes Guy vulernable to counter hits, but he's got enough variety in his tool set to make it work." According to MTV Multiplayer, similar to Ibuki, "Guy requires an expert. His punches and kicks, while dazzling and lengthy, require precision. They also require an eye for patterns and combination opportunities, so stay frosty. Without those things in mind, you'll find Guy to be nothing more than a poor but fast damage dealer

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