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GameBoy Advance with 101 backlight screen

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This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock

This mod removed the old screen and replaced it with a backlight from a real 101 sp unit. These are real Gameboy Advances made by Nintendo, not the cheap import versions! All units are cleaned and tested. Some units may have minor scratchers, but non on the screen. All units come with a new GLASS see through screen not the plastic ones.


The unit will have a 30 day warranty on all work performed by me. The warranty is void if any thing that is not normal use to the unit has happened, such as water damage, dropping or slamming the unit, pulling any cords coming from the unit, taking the unit apart, or anything I deem misuse on inspection of the return. Any parts that go bad due to the age of an item are not under warranty of any kind. Return shipping of any items to me is paid for by the buyer. The buyer accepts all conditions to any warranty at the time of purchase!


  • Please realize that electronics might cause damages like leaking, fire or explode when misuse or defective.
  • When charging Battery Pack, please put battery in a fire proof container.Always charge in an isolated area, away from other flammable materials. Ex: woodbench, carpet unattended. At the time of purchase you agree that you have read and understand the warnings when buying this product!
  • We are NOT responsible for any damages and consequences damages by using our products.