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  • Golden Axe Warrior

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    Game was made with a new chip and label. The cartridge shell is with real sms carts so may show normal wear and tear on them. If you do not have a Master System do not worry, you can play it on a Retron 5 with the GG/SMS adaptor or with a Sega Genesis and the Power converter or the Mini Power converter we sell in the store!

    Game Saves and comes with a NEW battery!

    Before you ask why is this game more expensive than the other Master System games, I will explain now. I have to do a lot more work this this game and the builds cost me more all together.

    Death Adder, a powerful ruler, has kidnapped a special crystal guardian. He has taken the golden axe and the nine crystals. Your task isn't merely to retrieve the nine crystals, however. You must try to learn as much magic as possible, destroy all of Death Adder's minions, and access the final labyrinth containing Death Adder.
    You are the Golden Axe character Ax Battler, and your default weapon is a short range sword (which can increase in range), though others can be acquired during the game.  is used to show the status screen and cancel options;  performs an action depending on what you're holding (weapon, Magic Scroll or a usable item) and confirms options.
    Like in other RPGs (such as Phantasy Star), you can save your game via certain buildings located at the start of the wilderness/labyrinth areas. You can also buy shields, health, first aid kits, armor or pay someone to teach you magic. Money is earned when tasks are finished, or strong enemies are killed.