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Gunman's Proof (English)


English translation. Made with all new boards, chips and labels.

Ganpuru: Gunman's Proof (ガンプル Gunman's Proof Gunman's Proof Ganpuru?) is a Super Famicom action-adventure video game about the Wild West that was released in the year 1997. This game was released exclusively in Japan due to the declining interest in the Super NES during this time in North America and Europe.


Two meteors fell on Earth on a small island near the west coast of North America. In the middle of the island there is a small town governed by a sheriff. Strange things started to happen like monsters suddenly attacking people while leaving behind a message that said demiseed.

One of the aliens introduces himself as Zero, the Space Sheriff, and explains that an intergalactic criminal named Demi has escaped from justice and is hiding somewhere on the island, being the cause of all the troubles lately.[2]

 Sample gameplay from the late portion of the game.
Zero possesses the player's body; allowing him to do tasks that are only possible as a part of a human being. Buying and upgrading weapons is essential to defeating the monsters once and for all. While featuring traditional dungeon-crawling components and many enemies to dispose of in real-time combat, weapons include pistols, shotgun, machine gun, and even a flamethrower (all with infinite ammo). There are also special attacks than can be done with all the weapon types.

This game uses a system of lives similar to Super Mario Bros.. Should a player die, he will be resurrected at the spot with full health restored. However, the player loses a life with an immediate game over occurring if the player loses his last life. Extra lives are awarded at dungeon completion or in treasure chests.