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  • Last Alert


    This is a BACKUP DISK for the game Last Alert on the turbo Grafx CD. This disk can be played on any  hardware for the Turbo Grafx CD system. The disk will say what it is printed on so selling them as an original will not be possible. The game will come with the case and cover shown.

    In the near future, a cabal of 4 very evil, powerful men known as The Force is planning world domination through the use of a Super Weapon known and Indra. You are Guy Kazama, a general-purpose bad-ass soldier who can stop these guys. You must take out each of the conspirators one by one and destroy the Indra before it becomes fully operational.

    Last Alert is a shoot-em up played from a top-down perspective. You move Guy around more than 20 levels and shoot everything that stands in your way.