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Mega Turrican

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Mega Turrican is an entry in the Turrican series, released for the Sega Mega Drive in 1994. It is technically a direct sequel to Turrican II, which saw release on the system in the rebranded form, Universal Soldier (which in itself is a sequel to Turrican).

Mega Turrican was the first and only Turrican game to be produced with Sega hardware in mind. It was developed and completed in 1993 by Factor 5, however was put on hiatus due to an inability to find a publisher for the game. Rainbow Arts, responsible for the original releases on home computers such as the Amiga, were unable to publish it themselves, however would go on to publish an Amiga port of the game by NEON Studios , relabeled Turrican 3. The Amiga version of the game was consequently released before the Mega Drive version, despite being finished at a later date.

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