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  • Metal Storm Standard Edition


    Retro-Bit® Publishing has re-created rare games into physical media and brought them to where they were never released, giving gamers and collectors across the globe the opportunity to own one-of-a-kind exclusives that include many extra collectible items.

    for the first time ever, the Japanese version of the classic NES® game Metal Storm has been translated to English along with the white mech, cinematic introduction to the plot, and higher difficulty level options.

    Ranked in the top 50 of IGN’s Top 100 NES® game list, Metal Storm made its mark for pushing NES® to its technical and graphical limits with gravity-reversing mechanics and multi-layered backgrounds. Dubbed as a challenging yet entertaining game, it has been considered as one of the best NES® games ever made.

    • Metal Storm 8-Bit Cartridge with dust cover compatible with original NES® and Retro-Bit® consoles
    • Collectible retail box to keep your cartridge in pristine condition
    • Exclusive Double Sided Poster 
    • Full-color instruction manual with all information to enhance gameplay