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  • M.U.S.H.A


    M.U.S.H.A. is a vertically scrolling shooter in which the player controls a large flying mecha. The gameplay conventions are largely retained from earlier Aleste titles. The player has a main gun that can be powered up by collecting "Power Chips". There are also three different special weapons that can be picked up: piercing lasers, fire-based explosives and rotating shields. They can be upgraded if the same weapon is picked up that is currently being used. If hit while a special weapon is equipped, the player will lose the special weapon but remain alive. Getting hit without a special weapon will result in losing a life. For every three Power Chips collected, the player obtains a drone similar to those in the Gradius series, but are called options. Only two options can be utilized at any one moment; extras are stored. These drones can be set to one of six attack modes, such as aiming forward, behind, or rotating around the player

    All games are custom made with all new boards, chips and labels . These are not imports from China. With todays technology they are made even stronger than the originals and may even be heavier than the originals.