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Made with all NEW chips, boards, and labels. These are NOT imports from China, each one is hand made with quality parts. The cartridge will be heavier than the originals due the quality of the NEW parts! 


The game follows the story of a young man named Kyle who has his girlfriend Erin sequestered with the vampire Nosferatu; he has the objective of obtaining their blood. Kyle then goes up to the castle where Nosferatu lurks with intent to rescue Erin, but getting there, he discovers that the huge place is full of traps and violent creatures.

The game starts with Kyle being trapped in the dungeon of the castle, the player must escape from there and walk through the castle until they reach the tower where Erin and Nosferatu are.

 The player fights the ape bosses of the second stage.
The game is played like Prince of Persia, however the player fights with his bare fists. Despite that, they can use many unique moves and special combos with attacking. He fights various monster such as Frankenstein monsters, zombies, gargoyles and ghosts. The bosses are the Werewolf, and Beast Men, amongst others. There are three types of crystals used in the game in addition to hourglass. Finding an hourglass extends the in-game time. Each crystal has its own unique abilities: red crystals give players a power up at every three crystals, green crystals recover the health of the player while the blue crystal extends the player's health bar.