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  • Panzer Dragoon II ZWEI


    If you are using Pseudo Saturn Kai to play this game you must choose patched version or you game will not boot. If you are using a chip to play backups are a cartridge that has Pseudo Saturn 832 you do not need the patched version.

    This is a backup disk for the game Panzer Dragoon II ZWEI, it comes with the case and has been tested to work with the Saturn Unlocker or a unit with a modd chip installed.

    As with other Panzer Dragoon games (apart from Panzer Dragoon Saga), Zwei is a rail shooter. As in the first game, enemies can be defeated with either the rider's gun or the dragon's lasers. There is also the berserk attack, which is a rain of lasers from the dragon which automatically attack all enemies on screen for several seconds, during which the dragon is invincible. To use the berserk attack, the player draws on the accumulated energy in the power meter, which is filled by killing enemies.

    Zwei is considerably more in depth than Panzer Dragoon, with alternate routes to be taken and a dragon that evolves based on the player's performance.