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  • Phantasy Star II (Modernization Hack)

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    All games are custom made with all new boards, chips and labels . These are not imports from China. With today's technology they are made even stronger than the originals and may even be heavier than the originals. The game does save!
    - Technique arsenals for all characters who use techniques have
      been revamped.  Rolf and Nei learn all of their techniques as
      of Level 35.  Amy, Hugh, Anna, Kain, and Shir learn all of their
      techniques as of Level 25, meaning it is possible to get full
      utilization out of the entire team without major grinding.  All
      characters learn techniques at regular intervals.  As in IV,
      characters who learn the base level of a technique will also
      learn whatever Gi-, Na-, and Sa- levels exist for it.
    - Characters are able to use a wider range of equipment.  For
      example, Amy, Anna, and Shir can use all capes, all crowns, all
      emels, and all sleeves.  Characters are no longer handicapped by
      being restricted to weak equipment.  Overall, characters use the
      same item types as in the original game, but even so, you should
      not make casual assumptions as to who can use what.
    - Characters still start at Level 1, but they come equipped with
      the best equipment available up to that point in the game (for
      the most part).  Also, everyone but Rudo starts out already
      knowing one technique.
    - Shops and treasure chests introduce upgraded equipment in a more
      systematic and streamlined fashion.
    - Many near-useless pieces of equipment like the Sonic Gun have
      been retired in favor of stronger items, most of which can be
      found in the dungeons on Dezo.  Many of these items will be
      familiar to players of the other games in the series.
    - Item and technique stats are often changed to provide greater
      internal consistency, as well as continuity with other games in
      the series.  Some items are also made stronger or weaker in order
      to increase the usefulness of the entire selection of items.
    - Enemies provide experience points and money at twice the original
      rate.  There is still some grinding required in order to buy the
      best equipment for everyone, but it is limited, especially when
      compared to the original game.
    - Enemy names can be 10 characters long, but for whatever reason,
      the English translation only ever used the first eight spaces.  I
      expanded the names to the full 10 characters, which allowed me to
      get rid of several awkward abbreviations.  Some names were also
      changed to provide greater continuity with other games in the
    - The text within the game is largely unchanged.  I did fix some of
      the worst howlers and also cleaned up some awkward lines.  Beyond
      this, some throwaway townsperson lines (especially some bizarre
      ones from the Mota people and Dezo people) are changed to include
      references to the other games, thereby enhancing the sense of
    - Most importantly of all, character specialties are enhanced:
         - Nei:   Like Rika in IV.  Strong attack, good healing, has a
                  wide arsenal of support techniques, and quite fast.
         - Rudo:  Like Wren in IV.  He's the tank of the party.  Very
                  high HP and defense from the get-go and hits like a
                  truck.  The only party member who can use multi-hit
                  guns like the shotgun and vulcans, but absolutely no
                  technique ability.
         - Amy:   Like Raja in IV.  Physically weak, but has a ton of
                  TP, learns every healing spell, and masters those
                  abilities relatively quickly.
         - Hugh:  Like Hahn in IV.  Physically average, but good
                  healing, good support techniques, and the complete
                  arsenal of biomonster-specific techniques.  More TP
                  than Kain but not as durable.
         - Anna:  Like Alys in IV, but better.  Very fast, has the full
                  collection of support techniques, and is the only
                  character with a multi-hit bladed attack.  More
                  durable than Shir but not as good with techniques.
         - Kain:  Like a combination of Hahn and Gryz from IV.  More
                  durable than Hugh but not as good with techniques.
                  No healing, but has good support abilities, as well
                  as all of the robot-specific techniques.  Weaker than
                  Rudo as a tank or gun-user, but also more versatile.
         - Shir:  Nei's replacement.  Strong attack, good healing, and
                  a decent supply of support techniques.  Incredibly
                  fast.  More TP than Anna but not as durable.
      This hack truly allows you to use any party setup that you want
      and still be able to get through the game without insane level
      grinding, dependency on items, or running from battles.
      My party recommendation:  use the classic setup of Rudo, Amy,
      and Anna as your starting place, but feel free to swap Rudo for
      Kain, Amy for Hugh, and/or Anna for Shir.  I was even able to
      get through the game with a party of Hugh, Kain, and Shir
      without resorting to what I regard as cheap tactics, although
      it was definitely more challenging than a Rudo-Amy-Anna run.
      My new favorite parties after this experience are Amy-Kain-Shir
      and Anna-Kain-Shir (where Shir replaces Amy).  Try them out!  A
      "Rudo free" party is quite interesting because of the many
      additional options with both techniques and equipment!
    - Lastly, several bugs are fixed, including:
        - The cut-off text boxes when investigating the entrances to
          Uzo Island and Climatrol.
        - The glitchy text when rearranging a party that consists of
          Rolf alone.
        - The incorrect text pointer of an old man in Paseo after the
          Climatrol events.
        - Hugh's inability to use Gires outside of battle.
        - The cut-off "L" at the beginning of the name of the Laconian
          Slasher item.
        - The improperly-entered stats of the Laconian Dagger item.
        - The music crash during Lutz's late-game speech.
        - Problems involving the Dexterity stat.