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Pocky and Rocky 1&2 on same Cartridge


This comes with 2 great games in 1 cartridge, Pocky and Rocky 1 and 2! To switch between the two games all you have to do is hold in RESET for 3 seconds, then the cartridge will switch games automatically. This is the cartridge only and comes with all stickers. Retro Gamer and Backups uses a real SNES cart for our shells.


  • Warranty

    The unit will have a 30 day warranty on all work performed by me. The warranty is void if any thing that is not normal use to the unit has happened, such as water damage, dropping or slamming the unit, pulling any cords coming from the unit, taking the unit apart, or anything I deem misuse on inspection of the return. Any parts that go bad due to the age of an item are not under warranty of any kind. Return shipping of any items to me is paid for by the buyer. The buyer accepts all conditions to any warranty at the time of purchase!