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  • Power Base Mini

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    Comes with shell, board, label, case and art assembled! 

    Power Base Mini is a clone of the original Power Base Converter. In order to achieve backwards compatibility, the original Master System CPU and sound chip (the Z80 and SN76489) are included in the Genesis/Mega Drive. The Genesis/Mega Drive’s Video Display Processor is capable of the Master System VDP’s mode 4 (though it cannot run in modes 0, 1, 2, or 3, so cannot run SG-1000 games). When a Master System game is inserted into a Genesis/Mega Drive, the hardware automatically re-configures itself as a Master System. Both 2-button Master System gamepads and standard Genesis/Mega Drive gamepads can be used to play SMS games. Some Master System games may inadvertently cause the wrong set of inputs to be selected in a 3/6-button gamepad and prevent input from working properly. In this case a Master System controller must be used. Like the Master System, the PAUSE button is not part of the gamepad and instead is implemented as a pushbutton switch on the device.

    *Mini size that fits in any official Genesis / Mega-drive system

    *Nomad and Genesis 3 requires modification to work with Master System games

    *Works in some clones, including the RetroN5 and Retro Freak

    *Pause Button

    *Supports Master System carts