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Sega Game Gear with TV out and LED upgrade

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This is a completely refurbished Sega Game Gear will ALL new capacitors and screen cover. With LED MOD on this unit! The LED mod will allow the batteries to last much longer than the original light. The unit will have a TV out function that works through the two player input, this will allow you the play all your Game Gear and Sega Master system games on a TV.  You will no longer be able to play two player games with this mod. The custom made cable will also come with the unit. The cable will be RCA.  This mod really puts a new twist on this old unit. The unit will be cleaned and tested. It may have minor scratches but all battery doors will be installed.  There is a small switch for playing Sega Master system games on the TV, this is a very clean modd. This does not include the AC wall adapter.

1 cable for TV out, 25 feet long

1 Game Gear with TV out

1 LED mod