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Sega Master System controller with start and pause button

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This controller has been made with ALL NEW parts (except the NES shell). The controller boards are new and have been designed by Retro Gamer and Backups. The cable going to the console is also new along with the black button, even the pads inside the controller are new. With the controller having new boards and wires there is no messy soldering inside the controller and a very clean build and will last for decades to come.

Controller funtions
1) Start button.    Controller has a funtioning start button and is tied into the normal start button of the Master system
2)Pause button function. IF your controller has been modded for a pause button on the controller this is a plug and play controller for that mod.

The left and right buttons have been used for the signal.

If you are interested in the having this funtion but do not have a modded system contact us as we can help you out.