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  • Sega Master System (FM Sound, Switchless 50/60, Stereo Sound, Pause Button, GG to SMS Start Button)

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    Remember thing the SMS is great but could be so much better? With this modded system you get the following mods.

    1) FM sound installed (For games that support FM sound)
    2) Stereo sound (2 RCA jacks)
    3) Pause Button Mod ( You need a modded control or you can purchase one of ours)
    4) Switches 50/60 Hertz (Just push reset and the power LED will change colors. To play Pal games at the right speed.
    5) Start button for the Game Gear to SMS conversion games. (Since the SMS does not have a start button most the conversion games have start as Player 2 down. This allows you to play on 1 controller and have a real start button.
    6) High quality switches for FM sound and GG to SMS conversion. The GG to SMS switch is so you can play 2 player games on
    normal SMS games.

    All Units sold will have a sticker around the switches to show the position of switch. 
    All Holes are cut by a CNC not by hand!

    You may thing this is a high price but please remember I have to buy the units and all the parts for the mods and install all of them.

    Comes with the following
    Base Unit
    Power Supply
    Basic TV hookups
    1 Modded Controller