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  • Sega Master System to Genesis Game Converter


    First and foremost, this product has NOTHING to do with the MINI! This is a new product design and if you look at the board photo you can see it is not the same board in any manner. I have nothing negative to say about the mini as it was created by a very brilliant man. I just wanted to state this first as I want no issues from the current owner of the mini. Again this has nothing to do with the mini as you can see by the following.

    Now that is out of the way let me tell you about this great product! This SMS to GEN converter works closer to how the original hardware worked. The board has a custom chip on it that helps with the boot coding so your SMS has less issues on startup. We have noticed this does help with some homebrews or custom made games. The save files with homebrews and custom made games work much better with the onboard chip. I make each one ordered so this is not some mass produced product. I have not tested it on every clone system but many have worked just fine. I cannot promise it works on every clone. 

    This is NOT the FM version