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Sega Saturn Unlocker


This now uses KAI and comes with instructions and a case!

Play Backup (Burnt games to a CDR) with out having a Modd Chip installed on your Sega Saturn. The Cartridge comes plug and play with nothing else needed for  your system besides plugging it into the port! You are NOT being charge fore the software I put onto the cartridge, but you ARE being charge for the Unit itself and for me programming the unit. This was you do not need to take apart your Saturn and hope it programs correctly. The Unit comes in a Case and Custom art work for the case. Also if do something to erase the updated software send it back to me and I will install it for Free, but shipping back to is paid by you. See below what this cartridge can do.

This cartridge will allow you to play many of the best Saturn games that are otherwise unplayble without it.

1) Play Backup games on your Sega Saturn.

  • 2)Auto switch 1M and 4M Expansion RAM card built-in (for Capcom Fighting games, Metal Slug and others)
  • 3)Allows playback of import games  
  • 4)Cheat Functions for games,