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Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium

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This Reproduction is the English Translation and is made with all new Boards and Chips. The shell is the only thing reused from old SNES games.

Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium (commonly abbreviated SFPWXP) was one of the first wrestling games with an extensive edit mode where up to 80 created wrestlers could be stored and used in the game. The game featured likenesses of over 100 real-life professional wrestlers that were included with fake names to prevent copyright infringement.

Fan translations of the game surfaced online with the advent of emulators such as Snes9x and ZSNES. These translations not only converted the Japanese text to English, but also restored the names of each wrestling likeness to its real-life counterpart.

Unlike the more frenzied pace and button-mashing of arcade-style wrestling games, SFPWXP focused instead on skill and specific timing. Each wrestler possesses three different ‘levels’ of attacks, Weak, Medium, and Strong, and must realistically wear down the opponent to use their most powerful attacks without being reversed or countered.