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The Punisher

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Capcom. It stars the Marvel Comics' anti-hero the Punisher and co-stars S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury as the second player's character as they embark on a mission to kill the crime lord the Kingpin and bring down his organization. Whilst following the same general formula as Capcom's previous beat 'em ups, the game has a range of usable weapons and a comics-style presentation.

The Punisher gained significant popularity in arcades and is widely regarded as one of the best titles in the beat 'em up genre as well as one of the best video game adaptations of comic books. A Mega Drive/Genesis port was developed by Sculptured Software and published by Capcom USA and Marvel Entertainment in 1994 to mixed reviews.

The Punisher follows the same side-scrolling beat'em up formula Capcom established in Final Fight and Captain Commando as the protagonists engage foes and stage bosses. As in most beat'em up games of this kind, progression through the game is achieved by systematically eliminating all common enemies and proceeding to the right (or left), and defeating the bosses met at the end of each stage. Unlike in Final Fight, the player characters Punisher and Nick Fury's size, abilities and tactics are essentially interchangeable; they both use the same basic moves, such as punches, kicks and throws, which can be chained chained into combos, as well as similar special attacks. Basic attacks can be combined to cause extra damage to enemies. The game is presented in a comic book-like style, including featuring on-screen onomatopoeias such as "BLAM!" for gunshots.

Various melee (including baseball bats and Japanese swords) and thrown weapons (including knives and shuriken) as well as improvised weapons (such as lead pipes, car tires[7] and a crude flamethrower) can be picked up during regular combat. Weapons can be dropped by enemies or obtained from smashing various containers throughout the stages. When the player is armed with a weapon, its durability will be displayed alongside the player's health, showing how much it can be used until it breaks apart. Treasure can also be found in containers, awarding the player with bonus score points once collected (jewelry also appears after defeating female enemies). Health can be replenished by picking up food, which can also give bonus points. The game distinguishes itself by the frequent use of firearms, including an Ingram and a M16. There are several sections of the game when gun-wielding enemies appear to which the characters draw their handguns, enabling the player to shoot them. Player characters can also pick up and collect hand grenades that can be deployed at a moment of choice

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