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UndeadLine (English)


Plays on all US Consoles

Undeadline (アンデッドライン; also referred to as Undead Line) is a 1989 shoot-'em-up for the MSX2 by T&E Soft. It was ported to the X68000 in 1990 and then to the Sega Mega Drive in 1991; the MD port was done by PALSOFT. No version of this game has ever left Japan. M.I.J.E.T. fan translated this game in 2007.


In the beginning, the world was inhabited by gods and giants who fought over which race would rule. To win, the giants created four "living weapons" who were so fearsome and effective, both sides lost. The day of the monsters's creations would come to be called Ragnarök. Ages later, Count Brahzen, a leader of demons, invaded the Gitane Kingdom, who were able to defend themselves solely by tactical decisions made by their King Fahrenheit II... only to discover Count Brahzen is seeking the Spirit of Roshufa in order to revive one of the four legendary monsters. You are Leon, a fighter chosen by the King to obtain the Spirit before Count Brahzen does.


B shoots; rapidfire is turned on with the "Rensha" option in the Options menu. A casts a shield around you; it will only last until you die. C shows up as "CHOICE" in the Options menu but appears to do nothing in game (please

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