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  • Wild Guns


    Wild Guns (ワイルドガンズ Wairudo Ganzu?) is a western shooting gallery video game developed by Natsume for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Originally published by Natsume in 1994 in Japan, it was not released in North America until 1995. The PAL version was released in 1996 and published by Titus Software. The game places the player in control of either Clint or Annie as they shoot down enemy robots in a Wild West setting with steampunk influences. The third-person shooter gameplay has been compared to Cabal and similar games. Wild Guns has received largely positive reviews, and has developed a cult following. Critics have praised the gameplay of what has become a niche genre, as well as the co-operative mode and graphical attention to detail
    Wild Guns is a shooting gallery game which combines elements from third-person shooters and light gun games.[1] Gameplay is comparable to Cabal, Blood Bros., and Sin & Punishment. There are six levels, each with two stages, followed by a mini-boss, and then a third stage with a final boss. In addition to single player, co-operative gameplay is available.

    The player controls either Clint or Annie in the foreground and must shoot at enemies in the background while also dodging enemy fire. Using the D-Pad will move the character, but holding down the fire button makes the gun reticle move instead. Shooting and moving at the same time is not possible. While the gun is holstered, the player can jump, dive, and roll to evade gunfire. A "Look Out!" text bubble will appear when one can dodge bullets. Additionally to shooting at enemies, enemy bullets can be shot down as well, providing weapon upgrades and extra points. Weapon upgrades that can be retrieved include the shotgun, machine gun, and grenade launcher. Other than shooting guns, dynamite sticks can be thrown and smart bombs can be used to clear the screen of enemies. Being hit by a bullet will result in losing a life

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