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  • Zelda Goddess of Wisdom


    Venture back to Hyrule and an age of magic and heroes. The predecessors of Link and Zelda face monsters on the march when a menacing magician takes over the kingdom. Only you can prevent his evil plot from shattering the land of Hyrule.

    From the creators of The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds comes an all-new magical adventure in the land of Hyrule! The Legend of Zelda: Goddess of Wisdom is a new, masterful re-invisioning of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

    All games are custom made with all new boards, chips and labels . These are not imports from China. With todays technology they are made even stronger than the originals and may even be heavier than the originals. Games saves and has new battery.

    Box comes with insert and protective cover as seen in photos